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Video killed the Blog-eo star


A Phoenix rising from the ashes...

A caterpillar turning into a butterfly...

A *SPOILER ALERT* Hold the Door morphing into Hodor *END SPOILER ALERT*...

Or most likely, a skinny kid who discovers Nintendo 64, Jolt Cola and Cooler Ranch Doritos...


I'd also say we're better than ever, but that may be setting expectations too high. With this post comes a reinvention of sorts. A way to maximize our procrastination potential and truly live up to the Opportunity Assassins name you know and love. So how exactly are we about to blow your collective minds in the laziest way possible? I'm glad you asked!

The answer is elementary, my [Pete's] dear [Emma] Watson. We're going to take what we do in our spare time - playing Playstation 4 online - and live streaming it because, hell, we're already talking about these things anyway. Sure, it'll be a bit more structured than our normal babblings, but not so structured that we have some kind of planned schedule. That's far too much work for the Opportunity Assassins!

So when I get around to it, I'll be updating the blog layout a bit. I'll add links to our live stream archives and come up with some crazy lazy way to tell you all we're actually live if you decide to catch us in the act.

For now, though, search for Opportunity Assassins on Facebook to follow our antics in more or less real time and track down our YouTube page.

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