Lazy Ass Review: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

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**Disclaimer: Most Lazy Ass Reviews won't have this disclaimer (duh).  However, an explanatory note is rather necessary, at least at first.  All Lazy Ass Reviews are simplified into three sentences or less.  Our mastery of the English language will allow us to convey to you, dear reader, all of the pertinent aspects of the movie in such a short frame, and you won't have to suffer any blowhard, super deep, quasi-intellectual reviews.  If three sentences are too much for you, each review is complemented by a nice banner graphic at the bottom, urging you to do one of four things:

1) Sell your soul to the devil to see this movie, and get all the amenities: IMAX, large popcorn drowned in butter, etc. 
2) Make sure you get the theater experience (second run theaters okay and, in fact, wholly approved)
3) Wait for Netflix/Hulu/RedBox, etc., as it's worth a view, but not for much more than the cost of freedom (a buck-oh-five). 
4) Avoid this movie like all the plagues ever in the history of mankind were rolled into the fat Kardashian.

That's it!  So here's the first of many, enjoy the Lazy Ass Review for The Dark Knight Rises.

The Dark Knight Rises

It's not the best of the Nolan-Era Batman movies, but that's because it's not The Dark Knight.  Still, it's a character and gadget loaded, plot driven tour de force in the best Nolan tradition.  Thomas Hardy as Bane is alone worth all the money you'll spend to see this movie, the rest is just a bonus.

But hey, it's your time. Waste it how you see fit.

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  1. I laughed out loud a few times reading this review. Good stuff, Pete.


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