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Want to know the super impressive statistical equation your geniuses in residence came up with for scoring Opportunity Assassins Album Reviews? You've come to the right place.

How scoring works is we listen to each track in order on the chosen album and rate each track individually with a score of 0-5. We then take these scores and collect a weighted average of the entire album by track length (in seconds). We take that weighted average and multiply it by 18. This album then gets scored on the album experience as a whole on a scale of 0-5, weighted for age up to 25 years. So for an album released in 1999, or in other words having been out for 13 years can get a maximum score of 2.6 points. Finally, each album gets a score of 0-5 based on how good it is compared to the other albums in a given artist’s discography.  Here’s how our scoring system looks in super impressive statistical equation form.

OAAR => Opportunity Assassin Album Rating
Sn => Score of track n
tn => time of track n in seconds
Se => album experience score
y => album age in years
Sd => Album score in relation to the artist’s discography

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