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Welcome back to the New Breed of Lazy.

As you can see, there have been quite a few changes around here. Mainly, a new web design makes our already kick-ass blog even more kick-ass...and here you thought it just wouldn't be possible. Well, this is really only stage one because as I said before, we have a lot of new things coming down the pipeline. So what can you expect in 2013 (or whenever we get around to it)?

Well, both of your beloved Opportunity Assassins writers have our own side blogs which we have lovingly linked to in our "Good Reads" section. As we grow this year, you'll see some better integration of both of our Sports and Tech blogs into OA, but we really have to figure out the best (or easiest) way to do that.

In addition, we will be adding a new rants section because if you've turned on the TV lately or fired up the Facebook machines, you've seen that there's plenty of shit to rant about.

Really, all in all, you'll see more activity coming from the two of us as soon as we can agree on how we want it to be delivered. Thanks for hanging in there while we get our shit together.

Finally, I just want to wrap up with a few credits for the blog design and the fancy new images in the carousel.

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