OA Goes to E3 (via the Internet)

This year's E3 kicked off in much the same way that every year's E3 kicks off....conferences from the big guys. Both Microsoft and Sony held their keynote addresses on Monday, showing off new games and new hardware.

As usual, these conferences took very different approaches with Microsoft going more laid back with spread out sofas, a stage surrounded with viewers and the typical "Microsoft wants to be the cool kids" dress approach that consists of a t-shirt under a sport coat.

Microsoft showed off a slew of new games, announced a 40% smaller Xbox One S (even smaller when you include the MASSIVE power brick that was included in the original and is now integrated in this new version), a revitalized cross-platform approach where any non-Playstation/Nintendo devices can play online with each other in some way. Additionally, if you buy a game that's on both Windows 10 and Xbox One, you get the version on the other platform. They also announced more features to Xbox Live and wrapped up their event with the unveiling of Project Scorpio, a powerhouse new version of Xbox One consoles that will land at the end of next year and be capable of 4K/60Hz gaming and VR as well.

Sony, on the other hand, classed up the joint with a theater seating arrangement with a live orchestra, two screens on stage (a smaller one in front, a larger in back with mirrored content) and projection mapping on the stage itself. They didn't show it very often in the keynote, but the impressions were that it was quite a sight to see. During Sony's keynote, there was far more video and far fewer speakers (I believe three people in total).

Sony's conference was all gaming, all the time. It started out with a massive reveal of the next God of War game which sealed their victory. They could've stopped the show 15 minutes in and we'd all walk away happy, but they also gave us some new games with an ass ton of zombies, more Horizon: Zero Dawn gameplay, and announced the launch date and price of Playstation VR. In addition to revealing the launch info for PSVR, they also stated there will be 50 games at launch for PSVR and gave us a taste of what we can expect with some footage of some great looking experiences including a new Batman game, a new Call of Duty and a new Resident Evil game. The other killer moment was Hideo Kojima coming out on stage and showing off some footage of a Norman Reedus starring game called Death Stranding. No one is really sure what it's all about but it has everyone begging for more.

You can watch both of the full conferences above, but what you're all begging for (and I can hear you really starting to cry now) is the God of War footage. So here you go. Feast your eyes on Kratos and his son wandering through the Nordic landscape that will be our home for the next iteration of Krato's adventures.

Sure, there were other conferences on Monday, including EA and Ubisoft, but no one cares about them.

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