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I know many of you are wondering "What the hell happened to the geniuses over at Opportunity Assassins?" The others among you aren't wondering what's happening, because what's a procrastinator without procrastination. Well, wonder no more.

The Opportunity Assassins haven't necessarily taken a leave of absence, but we've been toiling behind the scenes to bring you far more worthy content instead of half assing our posts and generally being bored by repetition. We love the format of our Lazy Ass Reviews and the ratings from our Opportunity Assassins Album Reviews have been nothing short of magical, but the real world schedules of the two of us have left little time for attacking the items on our plan sheets.

So what do we have up our sleeves? Well, first off is a revamp of the Opportunity Assassins blog. While many love the look of things here (especially the large image in the background), general readability can be vastly improved. Second, instead of having a set posting schedule, we'll be far more sporadic and only post when the mood strikes or the creative juices are flowing. Third, we'll be introducing some newer and better content. We here at the Opportunity Assassins have a good amount of ideas beyond the video and audio based entertainment industries. I have a general affinity for technology while Pete has a thirst for most if not all things sports. On top of this, we both have plenty of reasons to rant about any and all things but no place to put such rants. Opportunity Assassins will be the perfect home for these until we can find the time and resources to create the website we've been after from the start.

Anyway, that's it for now. Stay tuned...there's much more to come.

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