CABLE-POCALYPSE! (The Fall 2012 Rankings)

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Becuase rankings are both lazy and controversial, we here at Opportunity Assassins love them.  That said, we decided to arbitrarily rank 10 major television networks to spark controversy or debate or something.  In reality, it's just an excuse to justify the amount of TV we currently watch plus get us to watch even more TV.

Of course nothing we do here at Opportunity Assassins is without ulterior motive. In an effort to refine our weekly posts, we're introducing our TV focused "Cable-pocalypse" segment in which we continually rank and re-rank the top ten networks based on overall viewing quality on the networks. Also under the "Cable-pocalypse" umbrella are our Winter and Fall TV previews which will inevitably be used by Vegas in the newest betting sensation/reality TV phenomenon called "Cancellation Wars."

This all starts with Pete's thorough investigation into each of our current top 10 candidates from last to first with NBC dropping later today. We'll follow this up with Jake's Fall 2012 TV Preview in which he predicts the fate of various new TV series based solely on the trailer. In the coming weeks, we'll actually start watching some of these shows that we deem worthy.  For now, though, read 'em and weep!

  1. FX
  2. AMC
  3. HBO
  4. USA
  5. FOX
  6. TNT
  8. ABC
  9. CBS
  10. NBC

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