Opportunity Assassins Launch: Part Deux

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After months of inconsistent posting here at Opportunity Assassins, we have finally (and sadly) gotten off our lazy asses enough to begin a regular schedule of posts and updates.  Beginning August 6th, we will be providing you with some weekly content to chew on that will hopefully augment your evenings and weekends with more entertainment and less effort achieving that entertainment.

Historically speaking, we’ve focused almost completely on TV to date, diving into what the Winter 2012 season had in store, ticking down the Five Greatest TV Theme Songs, defending NBC hit Smash, and organically creating a new TV segment called “You Must Watch This” - a segment that, just this week, we’ve decided to keep around and reserve for only the most spectacular TV series in its first season. With “You Must Watch This” you can expect that we won’t be rehashing the same old reviews that you can read anywhere else. What we’ll be doing with this segment is giving you a gut reaction from the initial viewing of each episode in the first season of what could turn out to be the most important (or most controversial) show during the calendar year. We’ll choose the most worthy show based on the vibrations of the interwebs so it may take a few weeks after the show premiers, but we’ll catch up quickly and soon be in lockstep with the show in question as it progresses through its inaugural season.

What other distractions will Opportunity Assassins be bringing you on the regular starting August 6? 

Monday and Thursdays will feature our new segment called Lazy Ass Reviews. Lazy Ass Reviews, or LAR for short, will be where you can find a brief, three line, review of any movie...good, bad or otherwise. And if you find that three sentences is too long, there will be an accompanying graphic that makes our recommendation even more obvious. This will allow you guys to spend the least possible amount of time figuring out whether the movie in question is worth spending your hard earned cash or if it could be used to buy something better like a case of Wisconsin brewed Leinenkugel’s. No spoiler alerts, no in depth discussions in these particular reviews, just recommendations...and pictures. Get it? Good.

Tuesdays and Fridays we will be providing you with our Opportunity Assassins Album Reviews, or OAAR in the language of the lazy, which was born of the question "What is the greatest album of all time?". Since your spectacular content creators are both well versed in the schools of math - well at least before becoming a history major/college lifer or a sales guy - we've decided to create a super impressive statistical formula to assign each album a point total. Don't feel like reading our comments on the great or the grotesque tracks? No worries. We’ll be adding an info box containing the album information, track listing and scores for each track for the album being reviewed so you can quickly move on with your day. The continually growing list of overall scores will be available for your perusal, allowing you to pick the perfect Pandora station or build a great Spotify playlist.  And don't worry, we have varied and wide tastes in music, and appreciate almost everything (read: no Country).

Aside from simple reviews, we also have a lot of thoughts about stuff. When one of those thoughts is worth repeating (and that happens more often than you know), we put a little effort down – none required by you, dear reader, don't worry! – and dream up a new way for you to think about/enjoy those things which you already enjoy. This allows you to maximize your ability to waste time with as little effort as possible.  What could possibly be better!? Not much is the answer, unless the beer from our background can materialize in your hand at will of course. 

But hey, it's your time. Waste it how you see fit.

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