You Must Watch This: The Newsroom (Episodes 7-8)

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Episode 7 of The Newsroom focuses around what could be considered the most iconic moment of Obama's first term as president - the assassination of Osama bin Laden. "5/1" is an episode that seems like it should have some more weight around it. Of course there were a couple nice moments when the show pays tribute to those most closely affected by the attacks of 9/11, pilots, police and military, but the whole air around this episode was a bit too lighthearted for such an important event. All in all, this was an episode where we didn't learn much about any characters we didn't already know. Don is being a big baby over the possibility (read: inevitability) of losing Maggie. Will is letting loose at some party for apparently no reason, ending up high as a kite for what would appear to be absolutely no reason other than to apparently show that the events of 5/1 are sobering.

Once more, Sam Waterston's Skinner is the standout role of the episode followed in close second by Lonny Church (Terry Crewes) and his run in with the cops. The rest of the cast was wholly invisible, including Neal Sampat's girlfriend who had what felt like a forced moment when she dropped the news that her father died in one of the WTC towers. The problem with this moment is that I have no emotional investment in her character (I don't even know her name) to begin with so this moment comes off as too little an effort to pull at our collective heart strings. It's a shame that this episode as good as it should have been, because such a major moment should have held more weight. The best part of this episode was Will's announcement of Osama bin Laden's death leading right into Obama's address to the public going into the closing credits.

Episode 8 is the first part of a two part plot line where the crew of The Newsroom throw everything they stand for out the window in order to regain ratings (and in return receive nod to moderate a republican debate where they will rewrite the rules) and protect Will McAvoy's career but also everything that they've worked so hard to accomplish from the network owner, Leona Lansing (Jane Fonda). Much improved from the last episode, we're actually given a few really strong performances from a character that's been strong all season long and a character that I've been waiting to see a glimmer of light from. The event focus is around ACN throwing the "real news" to the side in order to cover the Casey Anthony trial. Also taking place around this time is the Anthony Wiener scandal which just piles on the "not actually news the world should be concerned about" hurt.Of course in the hunt for ratings, an order given from the top, these are the stories that ACN will lead with.

A few of my favorite moments from "The Blackout Part 1: Tragedy Porn" was Don "Master of the Dark Arts" Keefer breaking down the ridiculous coverage of Nancy Grace (ooh..finally bashing a liberal and a voice/face not even a mother could love) showing all the ways that CNN is manipulating the hearts of the mainly female viewers. I wish I had a clip of this scene because it's pure gold. On another note, Sloan Sabbith (Olivia Munn) finally bares some teeth in this episode while trying to convince Mac to run the story about the debt ceiling debates as just the doubt involved would destabilize the dollar as a world currency. The other great Sloan moment was when Neal suggests that Sloan has a big ass at which point she slams him against the wall then when he tries to explain that a lot of men like big asses, she slams him against the wall again asking "They do? Never mind." and storms off confused. Then, of course, there's Skinner's moment in the library where he meets with the mysterious NSA contact from "5/1" except he mistakes another guy for the contact in the library because he's wearing a carnation on his lapel. Just part of another series of great moments from Waterston (the reference to "The Dark Knight" was a treat as well).

Of course every Part 1 must have a Part 2 (unless you're Mel Brooks' "History of the World: Part I"), so we must be left in the dark until next week. So in order to get there, cue Mac: "God, Please give me a sign I'm not doing a big thing badly" At that moment, all the lights in the building go out, which a few people comment on. Of course, Mac follows this up with: "I didn't know he had that kind of comic timing". Good stuff all around. I'm looking forward to Part 2 airing Sunday, Aug 19.

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